Evacuation Diagram Overview

Under the Australian Standard AS 3745-2010 all businesses are required to display building evacuation diagrams.

Evacuation diagrams must be reviewed every five years; displayed in conspicuous positions along the evacuation route of the facility; and must be orientated with the layout of the building.

Not displaying a fire evacuation diagram may result in a disaster and fine. Avoid a potential disaster and fine by becoming compliant. 

Effective Emergency Management Plans and Evacuation Diagrams can:

  • Reduce the effects of an emergency
  • Prevent personal injuries
  • Protect against loss of lives
  • Prevent damage to property
  • Minimise business interruptions

Safety net & build wealth

ReDesign Media offers an inexpensive evacuation diagram design service for your business. These diagrams are AS 3745-2010 compliant and are tailor made to your business specifications.

ReDesign media offers the following services to take the stress out of fire safety compliance.

  • Onsite Inspection
  • Evacuation Diagram Design
  • Printing and Framing
  • Onsite Installation

As each business is different in its requirements, please contact for a quote.

evacuation diagram graphic editing example

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