Website Overview

ReDesign offers fantastic service for website design. From design to functionality to workflow, hosting and support.

I want you to love your website design. I am here to work with you to capture your vision and share it with the world. You are included every step of the way to ensure the end product is one you can be proud of.

ReDesign offers a full package service, this includes but not limited to:

  • Hosting and Domain Registration
  • Layout and Design
  • Website Graphics and Images
  • Photography if Required
  • Online Store Setup
  • SEO and Copywriting

Our service does not stop when we deliver your website. ReDesign offers continued support for your website even once its completed. This means you can rely on us to help you grow and make your ideas reality.

You Own your Website

Above view of open laptop with flower shop website

Many website building services and businesses maintain control over your website and charge monthly fees to manage it for you. 

I believe that once your website is complete, you should own and have full control over it. Therefor ReDesign will ensure that once your website is completed, you will have full control of the website with no ongoing monthly maintenance fees. 

To ensure you are prepared to update and control your own website, I offer a free training session to show you how to access and update your website. 

Website Package Examples.

Every business’s needs are different when it comes to designing a website. I work closely with you to ensure your vision is made possible. I take pride in all my designs and make websites unique to your business, to serve your customers. 

Due to this, I do not display prices online as each website’s requirements are different.

I am happy to evaluate your requirements and provide a free quote. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I also offer a free mockup page for you to preview prior to deciding. Below is an small overview of the types of websites I offer.

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Single Page

A budget website for small businesses which can be used to display basic information, such as a menu or contact form.
  • Display your New Dishes or Products
  • Online Gallery for Images or Video
  • Online Menu for Customers
  • Reservation and Contact form
  • Social Media Integration
  • Coronavirus Updates
  • MailChimp Marketing

Service Business

Website for a service based business such as a lawn mowing service, hire and rental service or similar.
  • Online Customer Database
  • Take Reservations and Bookings
  • Contact Forms and Calendars
  • Promote Business with Blogs
  • Display your Services for Customers
  • Improve visibility with SEO Setup
  • + More

eCommerce Website

Website for businesses to display and sell and promote products to an online audience.
  • Sell your Products Online
  • Utilize Online Inventory management
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Integration with current POS
  • No Monthly seller fees
  • Social Media Product Integration
  • + More

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